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Table “Layered Navigation Filters”

Parameter Default value Description
Attribute   Attributes available for facets in this category
Display mode Auto Auto : Attribute will be displayed according to configuration made in next columns
Always hidden : Attribute will never be displayed as a facet on this category
Always displayed : Attribute will always be displayed as a facet on this category
Facet coverage rate 90 Coverage rate for this facet on this specific category. A number between 0 to 100. For example : 90 means that if 90% or more of products on the category use this attribute then facet is displayed. If less then 90%, facet is not displayed.
Facet max. size 10 Number of facet values to display before proposing the button “display more” and a search bar for searching the value in the facet for front user
Sort Order Result count - Result count : Will order values according to their number of results (descending).
- Admin sort : Values will be displayed as ordered in attribute’s options values in Magento back-office.
- Name : Values will be displayed alphabetically (ascending).
- Relevance : Values will be sorted according to first occurences in product listing. For example : first product on listing is brand A, and second is brand B, then facet Brand will list value A first and then value B.
Pinned Unpinned If an attribute is pinned, then a drag and dropper will be available, and user will be able to drag and drop the attribute in the wanted position.