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Elasticsuite allows to streamline catalog data by creating new attributes that will be fed from existing attributes. Virtual attributes can be created for that :

First, an attribute must be created. It will contain values that will be fed automatically. This attribute must be created using “Dropdown” or “Multiple Select” type so that options can be defined :


Then, virtual attributes rule can be created. It can be accessed under the ElasticSuite menu > Virtual Attributes Rules > via the Products entry.

The targetted attribute and the option that is going to be used must be selected


Parameter Description
Enable rule Rule is enabled or not
Attribute Selection of the targetted attribute
Option Selection of the targetted attribute option
Store view Selection of the store view or all store views
Priority Priority given to the rule in case several rules are contradictory

Then, a rule engine is available to define the rule for feeding the value defined above. One or a combination of rule can be set for one value :


Once the virtual is saved, the task will be run and filter will be displayed in front.