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Magento attributes listing allows ElasticSuite users to configure attribute that will be useful for search and for facets. Attribute listing can be accessed under the Magento Stores menu > Attributes > Product > Select an attribute Then under “Storefront properties”, configuration for search and facets will be available :


Parameter Default value Description
Use for Promo Rule Conditions No This is a Magento field, but it’s important that this field is set to yes if the attribute is needed in rule engine (virtual categories, virtual attributes, optimizers)

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Parameter Default value Description
Use in Search No If the attribute is used for product search. Eg : Setting it to “Yes” for the “Color” attribute allows to obtain result when searching on “blue hoodie” or “red jacket”.
Search Weight 1 The weight of this attribute in search.
Used in spellcheck No When set to “Yes”, the engine will compute spellchecking on this attribute values.
Display in autocomplete No When set to “Yes”, values of this attributes will be shown in autocomplete results.
Visible in Advanced Search No If this attribute can be used on the Advanced Search page.
Use in Layered Navigation No Set this to “Filterable (with results)” to display this attribute as a search filter (facet) on the Catalog Navigation pages.
Use in Search Results Layered Navigation No Set this to “Yes” to display this attribute as a search filter (facet) on the Search Result pages.
Facet coverage rate 90 The minimum coverage rates of results by this attribute.
Example, if set to 90% on the “Brand” attribute, the facet will be displayed only if 90% of the products in the search results or category have a brand.
Facet max.size 10 The maximum number of values that will be displayed for this facet. If the attribute features more values than this limit, a Show more button will be displayed after the values listing and an autocomplete search box will appear automatically above the values listing.
Use in facets recommendations No If set to yes, the attribute will be used in the facet recommender.
Facet sort order Result count This is how the facet values will be ordered.
Result count : Will order values according to their number of results (descending).
Admin sort : Values will be displayed as ordered in attribute’s options values in Magento back-office.
Name : Values will be displayed alphabetically (ascending).
Relevance : Values are displayed by relevance.
Facet internal logic Logical OR (default)  
Used for Sorting in Product Listing No