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It can be accessed under the Magento Marketing menu > catalog menu > SEO & Search > Search Terms > Select the search terms > Button “Merchandiser” at the top right of the page.



Parameter   Default value Description
Dropdown for selecting metric Weekly views Selection of the metric
Weekly views
Daily views
Total views
Gauge bar   To complete  
Switcher Automatic Refresh enabled activated To complete  
Button “Order according to metric”   To complete  


Parameter Description
Refine search Allows to search for products within this result page
Clear product positions Sort products according to automatic sorting. All manual sorting will be lost
Drag and dropper Allows to move product manually in the category. This action is possible only on products in “Manual sort” mode
Show/hider Allows to hide or show a product on front. If hidden, products will not be displayed in front, but will stay in the result page
Green/red tag If green : product has been viewed this week. Tooltip is displayed in mousehover and gives the number of views this week for this product
If red : product has not been viewed this week
Switcher automatic or manual sort mode If Automatic sort : product will be sorted according to sorting configuration and boosts.
If Manual sorting : product is pinged to this position and can be dragged and droped to another position (only among products that are on manual mode)