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This feature is only availble in Premium version - Merchandizing

A category can be created to purposely be a virtual category or an already existing category can be switched to virtual. In that case, all products that have been placed in this category will be deleted from it. Gally doesn’t allow data creation, it means that the category will have to be created in the e-commerce application or in the PIM. Then this new category will be sent to Gally and user will be able to swith category from standard to virtual.

It can be accessed under MERCHANDIZE > Categories > Select a category in the tree > switch the category to virtual :

–> SCREEN <–

Once the category is virtuel, a rule engine will be displayed, and allow user to build the conditions for this virtual category :

–> SCREEN <–

Products matching the conditions defined in the rule engine will be automatically displayed in the category. All configuration must be saved in order to be effective.