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Global Configuration


Elasticsuite collects data based on user behaviors on the website.

This data is stored in several Elasticsearch indices and is needed for the following features to work properly :

  • Search Analytics Dashboard (Open Source Version)
  • Behavioral Autocomplete (Premium Version)
  • Behavioral Optimizers (Premium Version)
  • A/B Testing Campaigns (Premium Version)
  • Facets Recommender (Premium Version)
Parameter Default value Description
Enabled Yes If the tracking service is enabled.
Retention delay 12 In months. Tracking data older than this will be removed regularly.

Session Configuration

Parameter Default value Description
Visit Cookie Name STUID Visit cookie name, a short-term duration cookie to track visits.
Visit Cookie Lifetime 3600 By default, short-term cookie is one hour.
Visitor Cookie Name STVID Visitor cookie name, a long-term duration cookie to track returning visitors.
Visitor Cookie Lifetime 365 By default, long-term cookie is one year.

Tracking Anonymization

Parameter Default value Description
Anonymize customer data after a delay. No When enabled, the link between Visitor cookie (anonymous) and Magento Customer (that contains personal data) will be regularly removed.