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ElasticSuite allows you to access to the explain and compare page : it will give insights about the search result, the optimizer and product scores.

It can be accessed under the Smile ElasticSuite menu, via the Optimizers entry.


Parameter Default value Description
Store view Default Store View The storeview where information is needed. Only storeviews can be selected here
Request type Catalog Product Search Catalog Product Search : will display products of a search result listing
Catalog Product Autocomplete : will display products on the autocomplete
Category Product View : will display products of a category listing
Query text (for Catalog Product Search and Catalog Product Autocomplete)   Query for which information is needed
Category Preview (for Category Product View)   Dropdown with all categories from the platform. User can select the category for which information is needed
Explain   Button explain, by clicking explain and compare is displayed


Block Description
Synonyms and expansions If thesaurus are configured on this term, they will be displayed here
Optimizers If optimizers are applied on products from this query, they will be displayed here
Product listing Product listing resulting from this query. For each product, information are displayed (more details bellow)


Block Description
Locker The product is manually sorted
Green arrow The product is boosted thanks to an optimizer
Score Score of the product resulting from optimizer value
Question mark By clicking, a popup will be displayed for giving more information about the score calculation (more details bellow)


Block Description
Product information Product name, SKU, price and stock status
Matches Field : Field indexed
Term : searched
Weight : Weight of the field
Score : Score of the field
Field matches total : sum of all the field score
Boost : value of the boost. Score of the product is multiplied by this value
Total : Field matches total * boost value


This table gives explanation about how fields are working.


This table gives detail about how product content is indexed.