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Since releases 2.8.16 2.8.16 and 2.10.9 Elasticsuite is embedding a telemetry tracking mechanism.

That means, starting from this version, we’ll include a completely optional telemetry mechanism to understand how you are using this extension and where to focus our effort in improvement.

On the first launch after the upgrade, you’ll see a lightbox offering you the opportunity to support this effort or not. Deactivation of the telemetry service will have no impact on the quality of the module, which will continue to serve you as always.


Disable Telemetry

Telemetry can be disabled with 3 clicks by going to Stores > Configuration > Elasticsuite > Tracking > Telemetry and setting the Enable Telemetry parameter to No :


Telemetry data

We want to be completely transparent about what we plan to collect and how, so here is a list of collected informations :

Name Details Example
All pages    
type.identifier type of current page catalog_category_view, checkout_onepage_success, …
type.label label for type of current page Catalog Category, Quick Search Form, …
store_id store id of the current store 1
locale locale of the current store fr_FR
session.uid User id (short-term cookie) of the current session 8e34df31-0a10-3e87-c28d-9d1ceffe8ce1
session.vid Visitor id (long-term cookie) of the current session d543ef89-6831-7326-6c36-c92288d7db5f
customer.age Customer Age 33 * (only applicable when logged-in)
customer.gender Customer Gender male * (only applicable when logged-in) Customer Country France * (only applicable when logged-in)
customer.state Customer State Gironde * (only applicable when logged-in)
customer.zipcode Customer Zip code 33000 * (only applicable when logged-in)
referrer.domain Referrer domain Referrer page
url Current url https://myshop/red-shoes.html
domain Current domain
title Current page title Nike Red Shoes - Myshop shoes shop
resolution.x Screen width 1024
resolution.y Screen height 768
CMS Pages    
cms.identifier identifier of CMS page about-us, home, …
cms.title title of CMS page About us, Homepage, …
Category Pages numeric id of category 38
category.path Category Path (numeric) in Magento 1/2/138/1256
category.label Name of the Category Shorts
category.breadcrumb Breadcrumb of the Category Men
Search Result Page    
search.query In search results, the search query red shoes
search.is_spellchecked If the query is spellchecked 1
Listing pages : Category Pages and Search Result Pages    
product_list.page_count Page number for product listing 12
product_list.product_count Total number of product in a listing 194
product_list.current_page Current page of a listing 1
product_list.sort_order Sort order of a listing price
product_list.sort_direction Direction for sort order of a listing asc
product_list.display_mode Display mode of a listing (grid or list) grid
product_list.filter Applied filter in a listing product_list.filters.price=75-501, product_list.filters.manufacturer= ‘Salomon
  Labels of applied filters (not attribute code) Prix=75-501, Marque=Salomon
Product View page numeric id of a product 269
product.label Name of the product Nike Red Shoes
product.sku SKU of the product 123458ABC
Order Success page    
order.subtotal Subtotal of the order 10.0000  
order.discount_total Amount of discount of the order 10.0000
order.shipping_total Amount of shipping fees of the order 10.0000
order.grand_total Grand total of the order 10.0000
order.shipping_method Carrier code of the order colissimo_colissimo
order.payment_method Payment method of the order checkmo
order.salesrules Sales rules applied on the order 1,36,68
order.items.X.sku SKU of the product ordered 123458ABC
order.items.X.product_id numeric id of the product ordered 269
order.items.X.qty qty ordered 1
order.items.X.price unit price of the product 10.0000
order.items.X.row_total row total (price * qty) of the ordered product 10.0000
order.items.X.label Name of the product Nike Red Shoes
order.items.X.salesrules Sales rules applied on the ordered product 1,3
order.items.X.category_ids Category Ids of the ordered product 1,2,138,1256